"Investment Banking is 10% Financial Analysis and 90% Psycho-analysis" – André Meyer  This blog is about the "other 90%"…

The Best Lie is the Truth

Lying is rampant in every walk of life and especially in investment banking.  The truth in business is seen as such a valuable commodity that it should not be given away.  It is seen as gold that has to be mined with hard labor, extracted from the other party with cunning or force, or purchased […]

When Harry met Sally

Surely, you remember that great movie from the ’90s with Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal. They are in a ‘cat and dog’ relationship. They first meet at 21 driving home after college from Chicago to New York in a car pool, where Sally finds Harry obnoxious; 5 years later they meet again at an airport […]

Swingers and Singers

Must admit a weakness for jazz.  The artist who introduced me to it was Louis Armstrong.  I picked up a green boxed vinyl collection of his 1930′s recordings for 10 deutschmarks in West Berlin’s Kurfürstendamm in the late 1980′s.  I became instantly mesmerized by the energy and vivacity of the man:  He was swinging at […]

Merger Negotiation: How to Win by Losing It?

I used to have a mental image of negotiations as a kind of tug-of-war, where the parties are pulling on the rope back and forth, while one party wins over.  However recently I concluded that this is the wrong metaphor.  In reality it is not the team that gets the other through the line (or […]

Horse and Rider

My daughter is an avid horseback rider and likes to share her thoughts and feelings about the horse-rider relationship.  As we were driving home from the equestrian center, it downed on me that this relationship is not unlike that between the entrepreneur selling his company and his advisor. Before you take offence, let me elaborate. […]