"Investment Banking is 10% Financial Analysis and 90% Psycho-analysis" – André Meyer  This blog is about the "other 90%"…

Engineering Firm Value – September 2013

Dear Firm Value Blog Reader, Welcome to the first issue of the Engineering Firm Value Newsletter.  This is the sister publication of Firm Value, that in different forms and languages we have published since 2006.  If you like this newsletter, check out archive copies here: http://en.imapmb.com/firmvalue_archive.php If you enjoy reading it half as much as I […]

U Live 4 today, I worry ’bout 2morrow

Few people can handle uncertainty. For most it is a paralyzing distraction.  After mergers, much value is lost when people worry about staying employed instead of staying busy.  The fear of uncertainty, prompt mobile staff to jump employers, rather than risk having to look for a job if things don’t work out.  Market or business […]

Breezes and Bruises

I had a recent personal experience, which reminded me of the ways of the investment banking business. My family and I were taking a weekend break at the Outer Banks in North Carolina, a natural peninsula that runs parallel to the Atlantic Coast with beautiful sandy beaches and decent size waves. I was fooling around […]


In God we Trust has been the official motto of the United States since 1956. The origin of the phrase “In God is our Trust” first appeared in the Star Spangled Banner and it has been appearing on coins since the late 19th century.  The phrase has been interpreted with several meanings: During the civil […]