"Investment Banking is 10% Financial Analysis and 90% Psycho-analysis" – André Meyer  This blog is about the "other 90%"…

Entrepreneurial Bug

Are entrepreneurs born or made?  I think both.  There are business owners who started out for lack of an appropriate employment or income opportunity.  One of my former clients became an entrepreneur after his fifth child was born and could not anymore make ends meet from the salary of a medical researcher.  His wife gave […]

Too Big to Chew

On holiday in Virginia Beach last week I witnessed an astonishing attempt by a bird that mistook a snake for a slug. The feathered creature tried to pick up the serpent off the asphalt road by its flimsy tail, while the snake made a reluctant crawling escape towards a sheltering bush. The snake was never […]

Wanna rock? Spend 10% on marketing!

I interviewed a leading Virginian HVAC entrepreneur for my newsletter, who – exceptionally – graduated in marketing, rather than engineering.  He said it would take a nuclear war for him to cut his marketing budget.  He explained that a marketing spend of 2-3% of revenue would allow a company to stay in business, with 5-6% […]

How to sell for more than it’s worth?

Whichever is your client, the way to sell a company is to make both buyer and seller happy. Sounds like an impossible mission? What makes the seller happy is to get the maximum price, i.e. more than his business is worth. The buyer has the opposite objective: to steal a bargain. I am afraid the […]