"Investment Banking is 10% Financial Analysis and 90% Psycho-analysis" – André Meyer  This blog is about the "other 90%"…

Little Advantages

I have been searching for the secret for years. What is the one thing that separates the super-successful companies from the also runs. For a long time I thought there was no single secret and all companies succeed in their own unique way.  The recipe is: find an underserved niche and give it good value service […]

Effectiveness in Art and Business

I am always amazed how much can be achieved when a vision is coupled with consistent focus on execution.  Setting out goals on paper, prioritizing and ticking them off as they are achieved is exhilarating. Over time, these small wins add up and produce huge results. Just finished Sandor Marai’s “What I didn’t want to […]

Ground your feet and springboard

Business is a survival game. If you can hang on long enough to figure out how you can make money, consistently, you have a business. It’s a bit like Wimbledon.  The champion does not have to play flawless tennis, just good enough to survive each game and the final.  If he can just handle the […]

Technology or Contracts

I got a call yesterday from an entrepreneur-friend, Bill, who owns a B2B service company.  He asked me if I could raise expansion capital for him, so that he could take the business to the next level by building a management team and possibly acquiring competitors. Before jumping on the opportunity, I wanted to ‘diagnose’ […]

Too Big to Chew

On holiday in Virginia Beach last week I witnessed an astonishing attempt by a bird that mistook a snake for a slug. The feathered creature tried to pick up the serpent off the asphalt road by its flimsy tail, while the snake made a reluctant crawling escape towards a sheltering bush. The snake was never […]