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Engineering Firm Value – September 2013

Dear Firm Value Blog Reader, Welcome to the first issue of the Engineering Firm Value Newsletter.  This is the sister publication of Firm Value, that in different forms and languages we have published since 2006.  If you like this newsletter, check out archive copies here: http://en.imapmb.com/firmvalue_archive.php If you enjoy reading it half as much as I […]

Eat your buyout cake and keep it

There is an inherent contradiction in Private Equity (PE) lead buyouts where the investors want the seller to stay.  It is this:  how can they eat their cake and stay hungry too? Let me explain. Most successful private companies got that way because of their funder.  I have learnt, it is hardly ever “the idea”, […]

The time to use leverage

Debt has gone through heaven and hell during the past 3 decades.  In the 1980′s debt was a driving force of the post oil crises leverage buyout craze that helped dissect many a conglomerate built around the merger restrictions of the 1960′s and 1970’s. It was a heady time that enriched takeover artists instead of […]