"Investment Banking is 10% Financial Analysis and 90% Psycho-analysis" – André Meyer  This blog is about the "other 90%"…

Whatever You Resist, Persist

Several years back, my driving instructor taught me how to survive slipping off the road. The way to get back to the tarmac is to shift focus from the tree the car is running towards, to the road where I want to steer back.  Looking ahead at the tree will keep it in the center […]

False Characters

There is a fast diner next door to my office that I started frequenting lately for the odd quick office-lunch. They have two televisions playing in the seating area, one showing sports, the other soaps, achieving a combined 80% approval rate from diners. Luckily, text only, which saves digestion and allows me to guess the […]

Swingers and Singers

Must admit a weakness for jazz.  The artist who introduced me to it was Louis Armstrong.  I picked up a green boxed vinyl collection of his 1930′s recordings for 10 deutschmarks in West Berlin’s Kurfürstendamm in the late 1980′s.  I became instantly mesmerized by the energy and vivacity of the man:  He was swinging at […]

‘Profit’ is Spelled Repetition

People prefer interesting, varied work; investors favor boring, repetitive businesses. This is a contradiction that is important to keep in mind when building a business. When you start out, you probably get into it because you love your field or the process of creating a business inspires you.  Initially, you are also likely to hire […]

Industry and Frugality

I have been listening to Ben Franklin’s biography in my car and noticed two words regularly mentioned as being Franklin’s core principles.  Franklin believed that the way to riches was to work hard and save hard.  Working hard meant for him not just long hours and diligence, but to be totally absorbed in his work […]