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From Trauma thru Strength to Weakness

09/12/2013  | Tags: , ,

weaknessI attended a sales seminar today, where I learnt that some of our strengths are overcompensations of negative influences we had been exposed to early in our life… which, in overdose, can turn into weaknesses.

One of the seminar participants told us how his father’s dissatisfaction with his silver medal performance in a children’s wrestling championship turned him into a compulsive winner; and which in turn made him helplessly competitive in inappropriate situations too, alienating friends.  Another participant shared about her absent mother, whose abandonment fortified him against the loss, as well as the acceptance of love.  This, to this date keeps torturing him in his relationships with spouse and children. These stories triggered in me the realization of how my own dad’s dissatisfaction with me as a child triggered a tendency to compulsively seek and overcome challenges.  The flip side is that I tend to stubbornly hang on to impossible challenges too, even if a graceful exit would be in order.

It seems, most of us are products of our baggage we carry from childhood or adolescence.  It takes decades to discover the source of our plight and may take more, sometimes forever to untangle ourselves.  On the other hand, the strengths we derive from these traumas can serve us well, and make us uniquely capable in some areas, so long as we can reign in the excesses.

Istvan (Steve) Preda

Istvan (Steve) Preda


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