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Entrepreneurial Bug

09/09/2013  | Tags: , ,

BugAre entrepreneurs born or made?  I think both.  There are business owners who started out for lack of an appropriate employment or income opportunity.  One of my former clients became an entrepreneur after his fifth child was born and could not anymore make ends meet from the salary of a medical researcher.  His wife gave him an ultimatum and he decided starting a business was easier than starting a new family.

There are others who start the business as a temporary income opportunity and realize they can sell their specialist skills for more as a contractor.  These people may become successful in building a small to medium size company, but rarely become big time entrepreneurs.

This latter group I think is born.  They are restless souls with a vivid imagination and innate enthusiasm, commonly referred to as the E-bug.

E-bugged people find it difficult to be employed.  They are frustrated by bureaucracy and what they see as “slow pace”.  They need a laboratory for their ideas and initiatives which their employer will not become unless they make it CEO.  However, such restless souls will hardly ever make it in a structured organization until that point.  The only person giving them such opportunity will be themselves in their own business, or very rarely, by a financial investor in a buyout situation.

Again, Steve Jobs’ career gives the best example.  After luring outside investors into 1980′s Apple, his board second-guessed him and first forced his replacement as CEO and subsequently fired him.  Apple had to go to the brink of bankruptcy for the board to invite him back for a second glorious chance, several years later.

If you have the entrepreneurial bug, bad news …  You will unlikely to become happily employed and must undertake the trials and tribulations of building your own business laboratory, with the hope of an eventual redemption.

Istvan (Steve) Preda

Istvan (Steve) Preda


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