"Investment Banking is 10% Financial Analysis and 90% Psycho-analysis" – André Meyer  This blog is about the "other 90%"…

Empty Wheelbarrow

“I want to build up my company up to its potential and then sell” told us a prospective client the other day. “Why sell an empty wheelbarrow?” – he concurred. The trouble is, his business is capital intensive, with a 500-pound gorilla dominating the market and competition emerging from China too. Filling up the wheelbarrow […]

Break even and stay present

In October 2011, the managing director of IMAP China shocked our Annual Meeting with an infographic depicting Africa as the future “factory” for Chinese goods. A strategy driven by escalating labor costs in the Eastern Empire, which is expected to gradually erode the competitiveness of Chinese labor. Since then, China’s dominance in Africa has elevated […]

Turns handicap to advantage

Innovation often springs from the frustration of the handicapped, which is desperate to overcome his adversity. One unpleasant example is Hitler, who channeled his frustration as a mediocre painter into a political career. He won over his faithful by turning his feeble persona and pitched voice into a messianic icon of the reparation-opressed Ger-man of […]

Angels better than VC?

I revisited with an entrepreneur recently who had been contemplating a capital raise when we last met. “I have since had angels investing in my company” – he explained. “Each of them put in 50 to 200 thousand dollars and I feel better off than if I had taken a venture capital partner”. Indeed, small […]